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After a long cold winter, it’s nice to move to summer and warm weather. June is one of the best months in the north to enjoy the bright nights, incredible scenery, and silence. In June, there is easily enough light throughout the day, the sunsets are long and the mornings are so beautiful. In June, you only need to sleep a fraction compared to winter, and you find energy in a completely different way to do all kinds of things.


Together with Eeva and Ruka’s tourism, we had visitors from Germany in June to enjoy the first moments of summer. Just a few weeks earlier, we had gotten a leaf on trees in the Ruka area, and the moment was perfect for experiencing the Finnish Summer. In June the nights might be still cold but these nights we managed without jackets, gloves, or hats. During the days we had sunshine and warm weathers through the week. Only the wonderful sunsets, sunrises, and experiences took our guests’ breath away during their five-day visit. It’s amazing what kind of experiences you can have here in Finland in early summer.


Eeva and I took these photography professionals to our favorite destinations to create wonderful material and new experiences. With our guidance, the following destinations were selected: Myllykoski, Konttainen, Ristikallio and Julma-Ölkky. We moved on foot, by car, and by canoe. For us the whole week was a success and we were so amazed by the super material that our guests got from the week.


Thanks to everyone involved for such a nice trip! <3


Below some crazy beatiful material created by our guests over a few days and nights here in Ruka-Kuusamo:

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