From November to March

Frozen Beauty of Finnish Lapland Winter 2023-2024

Last winter was one for the books in Finnish Lapland—characterized by its piercing cold yet unexpected beauty. Working both in guiding and some indoor work, I’ve come to appreciate the raw and transformative power of nature during Finland’s known season, winter.


A Journey Through Frost and Light
Winter arrived with a dramatic entrance this year, beginning unexpectedly early at the end of October. Overnight, lakes froze solid, a frosty layer that has remained unbroken still today 8th of May. The onset of winter is always anticipated, but its swift arrival without the usual fluctuations between warm and cold was both surprising and mesmerizing. This abrupt start seemed to hint at what we might expect.

Frosty branches and ice crystals — nature’s winter art.

There were a few beautiful days at the end of December, and January started extremely cold, perfect for exploring known regions.

February and spring time

February signaled a slow return of the sun, with days gradually stretching longer and the sun casting its warmth over the snowy landscape. This transition from winter to spring is slow but noticeable, as life begins to stir once more.

Reflecting on a Season of Extremes

This past winter was not just about enduring cold but embracing it. The stark beauty of Finnish Lapland during this extreme season reminds us of the resilience required to enjoy such environments. 

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